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CIRPA - PNAIRP Conference 2001

Papers and Proceedings


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Keynote & Plenary Sessions

Dr. Peter Ewell Changes Outside and In: Accountability, Re-Structuring and Policy Information  
Dr. Peter Ewell, Dr. William A. Bruneau, Don Avison, Bret West Perspectives on Accountability in Higher Education in Canada and the United States  
Dr. Thomas Gaylord Higher Education Futures: IT's Enabling Role in Improving Access, Quality, and a Competitive Edge  


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Melissa Banks Activate Your Website!  
Patty Beatty-Guenter

Distance Education and High Attrition Rates
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Naomi Beke The NAIT Employer Satisfactions Survey 2000  
Stephen Bell Public-Private Study Costs: A Comparison of Canada, Australia and Selected European Countries  
Jeff Donnelly Measuring the Market Position of a Post Seconday Institute  
Peter Elliot Keeping the Record Straight: Institutions & Programs in Post Secondary Education  
Barry Forer Accidental Institutional Researchers: Animation, Initiation, Realization
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Dr. Frank Gelin Student Perceptions of the Their Admissions and Transfer Experience  
Archie George Using MS FrontPage to Collect Survey Data on the Web  
Diane Gould, David Ortiz Electronic Portfolio: Its Promise for Student Assessment and Program Improvement  
Sean Junor Does Money Matter? The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Research Program  
Jean Karlinski & Dr. Frank Gelin What Transfers? What Doesn't? - The Use of Transcript Analysis to Measure Student Success  
Tina Leimer How Does IR Shape Planning
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M. Malick Sidibe & Mme Manon Rouleau Survey of Approaches to Educational Planning 1999
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Lori McElroy Student Demand and Faculty Supply in the BC Public Post-Secondary Education System: Challenges for the Next Decade  
Dr. Phil Minnaar A Holistic View of Institutional Research by Means of the General Systems Theory  
Randy Nelson The University's Contribution to Students' Examinations of Values  
Herb O'Heron Emerging Trends and Anticipated Changes in Higher Education in Canada  
Maureen Pettitt Student Retention from Three Angles
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Jim Pollard, Pollard Research Group for Portland State University/Community College Research Consortium (CRC) Portland State University/Community College Co-Admission Program Evaluation  
Dr. Deanna Rexe Putting the Planning Back into Institutional Research and Planning: A Case Study from Vancouver Community College  
Dennis Sharpe Meaningful Experiential Learning Programs  
Robert Schultz Where Are We After A Decade of Maclean's Rankings?  
Doug Shale How Distance Education Will Add New Dimensions to Institutional Research
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Richard Smith An Approach to Comparing Ontario and U.S. Universities  
Walter Sudmant, Colleen Hawkey Contradictions, Questions and Current Issues: Overview and Findings from the Baccalaureate Graduate Student Outcomes Project of BC  
Raymond Wallace Online Student Evaluations of Instruction  
R. Dan Walleri Review and Revision of the Code of Ethics of the Association for Institutional Research  
Dan Walleri & Joan Jagodnic Evaluation of Portland State University/ Community College Co-Admission Program  
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Paul Wilson The Efficacy of a University 101 Type Program  
Bruce Winer Do (High School) Grades Matter?  


Maureen Pettitt Workshop 1: Balanced Scorecard  
Robert Lee Workshop 2: "Pivot Tabling" Your Data  
Loretta Seppanen, Craig Taylor, Ron Urban Workshop 3: Newcomers Workshop: Tools for the Job  
Cheryl Sivertson, Robert Lee Workshop 4: Web Surveys and Database Driven Web Sites  
Tony Eder Workshop 5: Intermediate SPSS
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Loretta Seppanen Workshop 6: Using Power Point for Effective Communication of the Data, Information and Analysis Used in Institutional Research  
Walter Sudmant Workshop 7: Introduction to Statistics  
Sylvia Sandoz Workshop 8: Intermediate/Advanced Access  
Daniel A. Weinstein Washington State Student Services Commission Results from the Survey of Advising and Counseling Services  

Showcase Sessions

Naomi Beke NAIT Economic Impact 2000  
Philip Cameron Quality Assessment and Assurance in Distance Education  
Bob Cowin Disseminating the Results of an Employee Morale Survey: Was the Process as Important as the Findings  
Kathryn Parker Customer Profiling Using Dual Scaling: A New Method for Measuring Potential College Applicants to Inform Policy Making
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