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PNAIRP Conference 2002

Papers and Proceedings


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Keynote & Plenary Sessions

Dr. Sandra Elman Improving Institutional Effectiveness Through the Review Process  
Kathleen Bigsby,
Terrel Rhodes,
William Moore
Making Changes in Measuring Institutional Effectiveness  


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Jane Baillargeon,
Jason Mayer
History and Uses of a Graduating Senior Survey  
Stephanie Barclay-McKeown,
Lynda Dreaper
Whoís on First? Whatís on Second?...How do we know?  
Patty Beatty-Guenter,
Maureen Pettitt
Distance Education: Planning Studies in Your Organization
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David Burgess Program Review Reporting  
Jerry Finch An Approach to Undergraduate Enrollment and Tuition Revenue Projections  
Kathi Ketcheson Using Institutional Portfolios in the Accreditation Self-Study  
Judy Knutzen, Ty Jones What our Twenty-First Century Cohort Project is Teaching Us  
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Christina Leimer Workforce Student Follow-up Survey: What Worked, What Didnít  
Rachel Madson,
Jane Baillargeon
Planning an Accreditation Self-Study: Process, Issues, and Involvement  
Jason Mayer Utilizing an Institutional Database (Banner/Oracle) and the Internet to Improve the Process of Studentís Evaluation of Teaching  
Andrea Meld Non-Traditional Students, Non-Traditional Programs: Success Stories or Cautionary Tales?  
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Maureen Pettitt Involving Students in Institutional Research and Planning  
Ron Smith,
Rob Vergun,
Susan Bach
Old Dog, New Tricks: Some New Ideas for Looking at Institutional Effectiveness  
David Waggoner Does Caring for Students Increase Retention?  


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Ty Jones Developing Statistical Models of Student Behavior  
Dan Weinstein Program Accreditation, Preparation in Student Services  

Showcase Sessions

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Bob Cowin Scanning the College Educational Environment: a Perspective from K-12
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Paul Stern,
Dave Pavelchek
WASL Placement Test Study  
Cathy Stock,
Verna Laliberta
Post-Secondary Experiences and Their Employment Outcomes  
Doug Whittaker The Process of Estimating Student Income  
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